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We have travel in our blood! It all began in 1972 with a young international couple: Rick Price (from Oregon USA) and Paola Malpezzi-Price (from Forlì Italy) who had met during Paola’s high school study abroad year. After their wedding three years prior, they returned to Italy in 1972 with the first commercial / bicycle tourists–4 groups of enthusiastic young Americans ready to pedal from Pisa to Forlì. Following further adventures in Europe, Rick and Paola opened a full company in 1985 and since then kept bringing Americans to Europe by bicycle and more. Today, their daughters Monica and Maria Elena run two active travel tour operators—one based in the US and one in Italy which acts as an incoming European tour operator—BikesPlus srl. We hope you enjoy the brands BikesPlus operates and please contact us for any active travel or custom request.

Cycle Europe

Premium bike rental services and tour operator support, in Italy and Europe.

If you are planning a bike tour for a group of cyclists, we offer superior group and tour operator support, high-quality bike and touring van rentals and guide services, as well as some of best bike tour itineraries in Italy and beyond on our guided and self-guided trips. We also specialize in creating custom-tailored active packages with our high-touch, personalized service. Cycle Europe has you covered throughout the continent, since 1972!

4 all ora simbolo


Sara Zanni and Sara Cavina, two certified environmental excursion guides have created 4 all’ora as a new approach to tourism and walking as an end in itself. At a slow pace, we will explore landscapes and cultures. You take in the experience while we take care of all the itineraries and routes down to the smallest detail, with customizable options to ensure a unique experience.

We will immerse ourselves in the essence of places, encountering cultures that are familiar and less familiar. We will get into the history of the people who bring the villages and territories to life. However, we will never forget that our promise is to offer you the highest quality for a carefree experience far from mass tourism.

4 all’ora does not just mean setting off on a journey, but choosing your own experience and living it as a protagonist among special people and places, one step after another.

Pedaliamo in Italia

Are you ready to discover Italy?

From our headquarters in Emilia-Romagna, our Italian-language brand serves Italian bike and active travelers as well as tour operators and groups, from one-day escapes to complete cycling vacations; on our premium titanium bikes, top of the line e-bikes and even e-mountain bikes; or using our extensive bike and van infrastructure and active tour and event organization services.

European outfitter for ExperiencePlus!

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